News of Achievement: CellWise Won The 2016 China IoT Industry Technology Innovation Award

Time: 2017-07-28

CellWise CW6301 is a PMU that made for Smart Wearable Device. It won The 2016 China IoT Industry Technology Innovation Award. The awards were chosen by Electronic Fans Network and electronic and many fammous enterprises that are all the industry's authoritative technology portal media organization.

喜讯:赛微微电子 荣获 2016中国IoT产业技术创新奖

On December 2,2016, 'The 3rd China IoT Conference 2016'  held in International Conference Center of KeXing Science and Technology Park, Nanshan Districk, Shenzhen.  There are 50 famous figures in the industry from the fammous enterprises such as Qualcomm, Huawei, Microsoft, NXP, Renesas, ST, Infineon, NI, ZTE, Cypress and Dialog attended the conference.

喜讯:赛微微电子 荣获 2016中国IoT产业技术创新奖

CellWise CEO Bob.Jiang was invited to share 'Power Management Solution for Wearable Devices and IoT' on the smart wearable device forum and interview with the media.

Mr.Jiang said that  'the core issue of the Wearable devices is the battery life, there's two methods to increase the standbly time  are increasing income and reducing expenditures.

CellWise has successfully achieved these two points. The PMU CW6301 was the winning product has the features  as follow.

Integrated four LDOs and high accuracy linear charger module, the Charge Termination Current is 1mA that has reached the highest international standard and made sure the battery is fully charged. Standby Comsumption is only 3.6μA witch guarantee equipment long standby time.

Experts and media participating in the conference were interested in  and spoke highly of the products of CellWise.

喜讯:赛微微电子 荣获 2016中国IoT产业技术创新奖

The products of CellWise have been applied to many  brands such Weloop, Xiaoqu, BYD, LongTengFei . The exhibition is Xiaoqu.

喜讯:赛微微电子 荣获 2016中国IoT产业技术创新奖

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