Recently, Songshan Lake IC Innovation Forum held successfully. More than 100 professionals and industry analysts gathered here who were from domestic well-known IC design companies. They discussed about the developments and opportunities of IC design industry.CellWise as the top provider of fuel gauge and won the Best Power IC Product of the Year Award and China Semiconductor Innovation Product and Technology Award several times which evaluated by EETIMES. CellWise was honored to be invited again to publish a new product which was the Fast Charge Management IC CW6113 at this summit.   CW6113 is a highly integrated battery charger management IC. CW6113 support 5A fast charge, integrated power path management with low impedance. The charge efficiency up to 93% when the charger current is 3A. CW6113 integrated 1.5A USB OTG output. Customers would set all product parameters through I2C interface. CW6113 keeps monitoring the battery Voltage, Current, temperature during the whole charging cycle to make it safe in charging and discharging. CW6113 is available in 32 pin, 4mm*4mm*0.75mm QFN package to improve the heat dispersion. It works with 0.69uH thin-small inductor to save PCB space that is a prefect fast charging solution for smartphone and mainly used for mobile devices such as Phones and Pads that require high-current fast charging.    In 2013, CellWise was invited to summit form firstly and published CW2015 which was a Li-ion battery fuel gauge. Took three years, CellWise became the world’s TOP 2 battery fuel gauge supplier with TI. In 2017, CellWise returned to Songshan Lake and published the industry-leading fast charging solution and made the smart terminals more convenient.Related media report, please click the link.https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/bIQaIoIwqPZyGVO44YB7hQ
2016 09 - 30
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