CW3047 USB Charging Controller with Current Limitation

CW3047 is a USB Charging Controller IC integrated with output current Limitation function.


• D+/D- DCP Mode per USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2

• D+/D- Short Mode per Telecommunication Industry Standard YD/T1591-2009 (Chinese)

 Supports non-BC1.2 Charging Modes by Automatic Selection

     • D+/D- Option for Apple Device

     • D+/D- Option for Samsung Device

 Integrated High Side NMOS Switch

•Ultra Low RDSON

     • 21mΩ@ eMSOP package

     • 18mΩ@ DFN package

• Operating Voltage Range: 4.5V to 5.5V

• 2.7A Current Limit

• Power Consumption

     • 10µA When Device is Disabled

     • 380µA When Device is Enabled

 8kV HBM ESD Rating on D+/D- Pins

 Lead (Pb)-Free, Halogen-Free, eMSOP10, DFN2.5*2.5-10 Package

• UL Approved


Application Field

• Wall Charger/Travel Adapter

• Smart Charger 

 Power Strip

• USB Ports (Hosts and Hubs)


Application Circuits

CW3047 USB限流识别芯片

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