CW5053 Brushed DC Motor Smart Controller

CW5053 is BDC Motor controll IC which provides PWM motor driver, voltage, current and temperature protections, also supports LED lighting and battery gauge.


• BDC Motor Controller with MOSFET Pre-driver    

• Input Voltage Range: 5.5V to 42V    

• Supports 3/4/5s Li-ion Battery Cells     

• Supports up to 10s Cells with External Resistor Divider    

• Motor Over Current Protection:    

     • 3 Over Current Settings with Configurable Threshold and Delay    

     • “True Motor Current” Technique Compensates PWM Duty-cycle Effects     

• Short Circuit Protection    

     • Threshold from 40mV to 240mV     

• Battery Over Discharge Protection:    

     • Threshold From 1.9V to 3.16V     

• Battery High/Low Temperature Protection     

• Motor Over Temperature Protection     

• BDC Motor Control:     

     • PWM Duty-cycle Control with Digital Deglitch and Soft Start    

     • 12V MOSFET Pre-drive    

• NTC Based Over Temperature Protection    

• Lighting LED Driver with Alarm Indication     

• 3-LEDs Battery Gas Gauge     

Application Circuits

CW5053 直流有刷电机控制芯片

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