CW1062 3~6 Cells 2nd Protection IC

CW1062 is 3~6 cells 2nd protection IC which provides voltage, current, open wire  protections.   



• Overcharge protection    

     • Threshold 2.800V, 3.650V, 3.950V and 4.175V ~4.500V,   25mV steps,  ±25mV accuracy    

• Over discharge protection    

     • Threshold 1.200V, 2.100V to 3.000V,   100mV steps,   ±30mV accuracy    

• Low voltage battery detection    

     • Threshold option 0.200V, 0.500V, 1.000V, 1.500V, ±50mV accuracy    

• Open wire detection    

• Ultra low power dissipation    

     • Normal working 8 μA  (25°C)    

     • Sleep mode 4 μA   (25°C)    

• Package type: SSOP16    

Application Field    

• Power tools    

• E-bike    

• Vacuum cleaner    

• Other Lithium-ion or Lithium polymer battery packs  


Application Circuits    

CW1062 3~6 cells 2nd protection IC

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