CW6305B 500mA Linear Charger with Power Path Management

The CW6305B is a high accuracy linear charger IC with power path management for Wearables and IoT devices. It fulfills full charge phases, including pre-charge, fast charge constant current (CC), fast charge constant voltage (CV) and charging termination. The CW6305B integrates power path management (PPM) and supports full system reset and shipping mode.  It also provides system over current protection by limiting the current from the input to the system and that from the battery to the system. The CW6305 could monitor the battery pack temperature via the NTC pin (10K or 100K thermistor) and suspend the charging once the battery is in hot/cold condition. The device also integrates charge safety timer and pre-charge timer to off the charging when timer is expired. An I2C control interface allows the host to configure parameters to target values. I2C watchdog is available during charge and/or discharge.


• Linear Charger for Single Cell Li-ion/Li-Polymer Batteries    

    • +28V Maximum Voltage for the Input Source    

    • ±0.5% Charge Regulation Voltage Accuracy    

    • Up to 470mA Constant Current Charging    

    • Down to 1mA Termination Current    

    • Configurable 3.85V-4.6V Constant Voltage Charging in 12.5mV Steps    

    • Configurable 4.2V-4.95V VSYS Regulation Voltage in 50mV Steps    

• Power Path Management    

    • System Reset and Shipping Mode Supported    

    • Instant On even When Battery is Exhausted    

• Battery NTC Thermistor monitor     

• Adjustable Thermal Regulation and Protection    

• Over Current Protection in Discharge and Supplement Mode    

• Charge Safety Timer and Pre-charge Timer    

• I2C Interface and Watchdog during Charge and Discharge    

• 1.58mm x 1.58mm CSP-9 Package    

Application Field    

• Smart Watches    

• BT Headsets/TWS Earbuds    

• Internet of Things Devices    

Application Circuits    

CW6305B 500mA Linear Charger with Power Path Management


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