CW2015 1s 2s Fuel Gauge IC

CW2015 is an ultra-compact, sensing resistor free, fuel gauging ICs for Lithium-ion based batteries. It tracks battery charging/discharging conditions and utilize patented “FastCali” gauging algorithm to report the relative State-of-Charge (SOC) of batteries, including LiCoOx, polymer Li-ion, LiMnOx etc.


• System-Side or Pack-Side Fuel Gauging    

• ±3% Maximum Total SOC Measurement Error    

• 14-bit ADC for Cell Voltage and Temperature Measurement    

• No Sense Resistor Required    

• No Coulomb Counter Offset Accumulation Error    

• No Full-to-Empty Learning Cycles    

• Alert for Low SOC    

• Low Power Consumption    

     • Active Mode 15μA    

     • Sleep Mode 0.5μA    

• I2C Interface    

• Package: TDFN-8 2mmx3mm and CSP-9 1.5mmx1.4mm    

Application Field    

• Smartphone    

• Tablet    

• Wearable Device   


Application Circuits    

CW2015 单节或双节锂电池电量计芯片

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