CW6116 3A Switched-Mode Charger with Power Path Management

CW6116 is a highly-integrated 3A switched-mode Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery charger with power path management. Its ultra-low impedance on power path helps improve charging efficiency, reduce charging time and extend battery life during discharge. The charging efficiency at 5V/2A is 92%. CW6116 supports USB-OTG with up to 1.5A supply current. Charging and system settings could be flexible configured via the I2C interface. Its compact QFN 4mmx4mm package, combing with using 1uH small profile inductor, makes it a good selection for fast charging application.


• Single Input Charger Support 3A Fast Charge    

    • 3.8V–13.5V Input Operating Voltage Range with +28V Absolute Input Voltage Rating    

    • ±0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy and ±5% Charge Current Accuracy@1.5A    

    • Programmable Input Current Limit Supports USB 2.0/USB3.0 and Type-C    

    • Integrated Power MOSFETs    

    • Supports USB OTG with 1.5A Maximum Supply Current    

• Power Path Management    

    • Enables System Instant-on with Deeply Discharged Battery    

    • Smart Power Allocation for System and Charging Current    

• Programmable through I2C Interface    

• Interrupt Signals for Abnormal Charging Status    

• Integrated Thermal Regulation and Over Temperature Protection    

• Support OVP and OCP    

• Package QFN 4mmx4mm    

Application Field   

• Smart Phone    

• Tablet    

• Portable Device    

Application Circuits   

CW6116 3A开关式充电芯片支持电源路径管理

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