CW6302/CW6304 150/300mA Linear Charger with Power Path

CW6302/CW6304 are high accuracy linear charger ICs with power-path management for wearable devices using Li+ batteries. The minimum charging termination current is 1mA. The power-path management provides dynamic charging control to allow system to drain the maximum load from DC Input, meanwhile charging the battery. They also support system Instant-on even with depleted battery.


• High Accuracy Linear Charger with Power-Path Management    

    • ±0.5% charging voltage accuracy    

    • ±5% charging current accuracy    

    • Min. end-of-charge current 1mA    

• Dynamic Charging Current Control to Allow the System to Drain the Maximum Load from DC Input    

• Multiple selections of Constant Charging Voltage: 4.20V/4.25V/4.30V/4.35V/4.40V    

• Programmable Charging Current    

    • CW6302: 10mA-150mA, 32 steps    

    • CW6304: 20mA-300mA, 32 steps    

• Interrupt Signals for Abnormal Charging Status    

• I2C Interface    

• Over Current and Over Temperature Protection    

• Package TDFN-16,3mmx3mm    

Application Field    

• Sports Tracker    

• Smart Watch    

• IOT Device    

Application Circuits    

CW6302/CW6304 150mA/300mA线性充电芯片支持电源路径管理

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