CW2217B Single Cell Fuel Gauge IC with Low to 1mΩ Current Sensing

The CW2217B is ultra low power consumption fuel gauging IC for Lithium-ion batteries used in portable and wearable devices. The CW2217B track Li+ battery’s operation condition, including voltage, current and temperature and performs state-of-the-art algorithm to calculate the relative SOC, SOH and Cycles of the battery. It includes a 14-bit ADC for voltage and temperature measurement and a 16-bit ADC for current measurement, a precision voltage reference circuit and build-in NTC bias circuits. It uses I2C compatible serial interface that operates in standard mode or fast mode.    


System-Side or Pack-Side Fuel Gauging     

• 14-bit ADC for Cell Voltage and Temperature Measurement    

• 16-bit ADC for Current Measurement    

• Support Low to 1mΩ Sense Resister    

• No Offset Accumulation During Life Time    

• Alert for Low SOC    

• External Thermistor or Host reported Temperature    

• Low Power Consumption    

    • Active Mode 12μA    

    • Sleep Mode 0.5μA    

• I2C Interface    

• Package: WLCSP-9 1.58mmx1.53mm    

Application Field    

• Smart Watch    

• TWS earbuds    

• IOT Device    

Application Circuits   

CW2217B Single Cell Fuel Gauge IC with Low to 1mΩ Current Sensing


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